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Reach New Customers at the Most Optimal Purchase Moment

Unlock an exclusive ad inventory and capture new customer’s attention at the most optimal purchase moment for them to take action.

Leverage Invaluable Commerce Partner’s Data to Serve Relevant Offers

Harnesses the power of our commerce partner’s first party data to gain insights into each customer, enhance your targeting and serve highly relevant offers.

Acquire High LTV Customers

Create more relevant and personalized ad experiences, refine your targeting to acquire sticky, premium customers with high LTV.

Reach online shoppers when they’re ready to buy

Advanced AI Targeting

Serve Personalized Offer to Shoppers at the Most Optimal Purchase Moment

  • Match your own customer’s insights with adflow’s and the retailer’s, in a privacy-safe environment, to deliver tailored offers
  • Leverage adflow’s Machine Learning technology to precisely segment your audience and understand their needs
  • Ensure all ads are engaging and relevant to maximize your chances of converting the shoppers

Creative Testing

Leverage Multi-Variant Testing to Constantly Optimize your Performance

  • Easily run multi-variants test across copy, creative elements and CTAs to ensure the best outcomes
  • Maximize your cost efficiency deploying only creative with the best chance of conversion
  • Constantly optimize your overall performance and messaging to capture your audience’s attention

Conversion Amplifier

Increase your Conversion Rate with an Extra Nudge*

  • Utilize adflow’s CRM capabilities to send email reminders about your exclusive offers
  • Keep your prospect engaged, stay connected and develop long lasting relationships
  • Gather brand new customer information

* Coming in 2024

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